• Sequence
  • Sequence


Sequence 2016.

100 x 76cms 

Framed 105 x 79cms

Oil on canvas

Part of "The Space Between " - a collection of art by Sam Katsaros

Sam Katsaros is an Australian artist living in Singapore. Her paintings are semi abstract, with a strong use of colour and texture. Her work is generously layered with strokes, spills and streams of acrylic and richly resolved in vibrant oils. Sam studied Fine Art at the University of South Australia.

“The Space Between” has been a labour of love for Sam and has been the culmination of all the varied life experiences, thoughts, longing and belonging that any of us that has ever lived away from home has felt. Her artworks are intuitively and spontaneously evolved. They are manifested from emotion and life experience, The resultant paintings are dramatic and deep with bursts of light and colour.


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