Chinese Lattice in Monochrome by Louise Hill Design Chinese Lattice in Monochrome by Louise Hill Design

Chinese Lattice in Monochrome by Louise Hill Design



For this print, I wanted to create a piece with a more architectural, masculine feel, neutral and monochromatic in colour with a darker, stronger feel than my ‘Chinoiserie in Neutrals’ Triptych.

For my subject matter, I collected together photographs that I have taken mostly in Singapore and Hong Kong and went out exploring to take new ones. Focusing on the architectural shapes found in Singapore’s old shophouses and snapshots of street furniture, I added light fittings and rusty tin signs which all have the beauty of their own. I particularly love the stacked up grey plastic stools which look like little buildings!

Also featured is the symbolism of the ‘Lucky No.8’ thought to be a symbol of good wealth and fortune it is deemed extremely lucky in Chinese culture, for example, the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in China began on 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm. It is related to good business and a double eight, as in 88, is said to bring double joy!

Along the bottom of the print I have included ‘still life’ vignettes, taken in my studio using lots of vintage objects which I love to collect - I love how the swishing of the goldfish tails, the curve of the dragon, black fan, the swooshes of the feathers on the silk robe and tall cylindrical fortune sticks all marry together as a collective of similar shapes.

There are so many references to street life in this design, a mix of letterboxes from both SG & HK sitting on some antique wooden lattice doors.. some SG floor tiles with a photo of an old wooden stamp I own sitting on them - a picture of a paint tube with lovely typography on it .. the ceiling lights from an old cinema room in SG and a black globe from The Fullerton Hotel to signify travel... I love to add layers and layers of intricate detail to my prints, taking photos in all the places I have lived in and travelled to.

Image size: 50" W x 21" H   |  127 cm W x 53 cm H

Fully framed size: 58" W x 29" H  |  147 cm W  x 74 cm H  including: 1.5” | 4cm paper border, 2.5" | 6 cm white mount board + 0.8” or 2 cm white frame.