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Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell Art Deco Droplet Earrings

With a nod to the Jazz Age, the deco droplets add a flash of bohemian opulence to an...

Details $145.00

Naomi Murrell Daisy Earrings

Bringing a modern feel to iconic 70s graphics, the Daisy Drop Earrings are the perfe...

Details $110.00

Naomi Murrell Earrings

Naomi Murrell designs keepsakes for fun lovers. Her nostalgic line of jewellery will...

Details $80.00

Naomi Murrell Frill Earrings

These striking frill earrings take inspiration from vintage trims. Elegant golden br...

Details $125.00

Naomi Murrell Locket

Reversible fun! The resin + polkadot patterned rose gold detail of the lockets spark...

Details $145.00

Naomi Murrell Pinball Studs

Inspired by vintage arcade games, the pinball statement studs are designed to create...

Details $95.00